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The Author of this blog is  Shivangi Singh,  student of 3rd year BA LLB (H), Amity University, Noida    “Law must to be balanced. The balance has been disturbed” Introduction The above words are of Senior Lawyer and Parliamentarian KTS Tulsi during his introduction of private members bill before Rajya Sabha to introduce his amendment bill in the criminal law to make sexual offences gender neutral. All sexual offences should be gender neutral. Men, women, and other genders are often perpetrators and also victims of those offences. Men, women and others got to be protected [1] . As we all know that it is one among the tragic reality of the laws of our country that a number of them still protects the rights of only a specific gender. They’re biased towards one gender and totally ignorant towards the opposite one. Laws which needs attention Starting with one among the foremost controversial gender biased law that is Rape laws of our country. Section 375 of Indian Penal Code 1860