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The Author and Co-author of this blog are Aakansha Latala and Ishika Agarwal   3rd year students of  Manipal  University Jaipur, School of  Law. ‘’I think the best day when we as a society no longer talk about being gay or straight’’ …. Pink Floyd   INTRODUCTION   Over a long period of time gender inequality and differences existed in India it is not a recent development   All human being are born free with equal rights and dignity. But there is always two sides of   a coin in a country like India   where we have gender define   roles and do and don’t   form   home. The categories which are set by society are highly invariable which distinguish genders as males and females. The transgender which is being a part of society does not   reorganized by society for a very long time period but tables turn after the judgment   passed by the Supreme court of India regarding section – 377 of IPC which is being struck down. On the other hand   females are born to sacrifice and in

Equality in all spheres for women- Women Empowerment

The author is Palak Tripathi , 2nd-year student of B.A.LL.B(Hons.) at C.M.P. Degree College, University of Allahabad, Prayagaraj. Introduction What a beautiful creation a woman is! Women are the base of our society. They are treated like a goddess. They are worshipped. Earlier they were not given many rights but now they are provided all those. They are an idol of beauty. They are the creator of our generation. No education, no rights were provided to women earlier. They were suppressed. To make them come up from that situation a concept of ' EMPOWERMENT' came into effect. The term 'Empowerment ' casually means that a power given to someone to do something. But in detail it can be defined as the process of becoming stronger and more confident. This is so in the case of 'Women Empowerment' too. Making women more confident and stronger is 'Women Empowerment'.  What is Women Empowerment? Earlier women were the oppressed class of th