Prakalp Shrivastava 
The Author of this blog is a Law Student, School of Law, Jagran Lakecity University, Bhopal.

India is a country in which rape, domestic violence and other crimes against women are very common in society, and the situation gets worse when it comes to problems with women engaged in prostitution. The problem here is why India should not stand with countries that it judges to be real or legal jobs. Things can change, but they can change, which is not fully proven.
Women's situation is getting worse in this profession. They are forced to live like animals, and pimps, even most of their income. They are plagued by contagious or sexually transmitted diseases such as STDs, and are even forbidden to get out of your walls and talk to strangers.
I think at least legal prostitution can solve some of the human trafficking problems. Because it gives women the freedom to enter and exit freely, and those who buy sex can feel safe in this brothel. In many aspects of society, at least start talking and thinking with them outdoors. Legalization will increase the health of these prostitutes. There is no doubt that legalization will increase working conditions and prostitution will be a safer home. Commercial sex workers can easily do business or consider the money spent by pimps. It can also be said that violence can reduce it.
Due to the legalization of prostitution, when prostitution is classified as a job in the home team industry, that industry will have a tax enforcement system, which will increase the profitability of Indian income. This will also embrace prostitutes in Indian society and improve the quality of life. They will become the mainstream of society, improving education, medical facilities, etc.
Another most important advantage of decriminalization is that prostitutes are not exploited by the authorities. These authorities are also responsible because they effectively take away income and sometimes actually use it. In the case of exploitation, prostitutes will also be given the right to pursue appropriate power.
Prostitution will be legal because it will separate legal and illegal prostitution and give the number of people working in the industry. The children of these prostitutes will be safe in the future and trafficking for sexual purposes will at least be reduced.
There is no doubt that prostitution has become a multi-billion-dollar industry in India. These industries are well developed in almost every city in India. From the discussion above, we can conclude that criminalizing prostitution is never a solution to Indian society. It is a form of regulated and recognized work. In my opinion, prostitution not only qualified as a legal professional, but also demanded that the government provide free training as provided for in Article 21A, “Basic Rights”. More important legalization of prostitution will lead these people to the mainstream and give them the right or opportunity to lead a normal life. But, of course, this only happens when the government legalizes the rights of sex workers, which will protect sex workers' labour and dignity.

The discussion of identifying prostitution as human rights is not new, and scholars are always arguing about why prostitution can't be done like any other job. However, Article 23 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights states that "everyone has the right to work freely, to freely choose work, to enjoy fair and favourable working conditions and to prevent unemployment." So, like other service industries, prostitution is only a service industry, but it is illegal in most parts of the world, but can be included as a basic human right. Everyone has full control and control over his body. He can use his body the way he likes.
In a convincing analysis of the author Rachel Moran's experience on prostitution, she says that the three men who support prostitution, the women who buy themselves, are impersonal men, knowing and ignoring women's humanity, and reducing the personality of women who buy. By getting people to enjoy sexual pleasure. Amnesty International will really protect these men's right to buy women?
If this is not human rights, women trafficked into sex trafficking are called sex workers or trafficking women. Governments should actually consider making it a job as a human or basic right. Google is always trying to solve the trafficking problem. Human trafficking is a terrible abuse of human rights and must be treated as a crime under international law. We do not think that trafficking women who are forced to prostitution are "sex workers." She is a victim of human trafficking and must be protected.
It should be acknowledged that men and women living on the outskirts of society are forced to sex work before participating in this discussion. This may be the only way they make a living. Justifying your work doesn't mean that tolerance will lead you to the street world. We want them to enjoy all human rights and we will continue to fight for a possible world.
There are many reasons for prostitution in India, but there are few important factors that lead to prostitution, including lack of education, poverty, family background, personal tragedy, and the promise of agents to work in large cities. According to my research on prostitution to date, one of the most unusual reasons is that in small cities, many girls are smuggled by men and taken to large cities like Mumbai and Kolkata in the name of love for marriage. Sold in India. Prostitutes These practices are very common in West Bengal, Assam, Tripura and even small cities in Bangladesh and Nepal. The government needs to express great appreciation for this issue and use other best options to address prostitution issues. Do not consider prostitution as an economic benefit. India must restore prostitution laws and there is no doubt. To implement. Powerful. There is no doubt that India has become a huge country for sex tourism, and countries like orphans are the best examples, but we must not forget that tourism can't encourage prostitution when it comes. If one of the main consents for prostitutes is 45 or 50 years old, the government should have a pension plan or audit plan. To ensure aging, the government must reasonably consider housing and health plans. However, so far, the government has no such policy. In some states, the government even denies prostitution in the area. If the government is considering legalization, it should be the same as the appropriate economic sector. If not, the government should enact strict laws to prevent prostitution.