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  EMERGING TRENDS IN INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY AND CYBER LAWS PREFACE This book is a marvellous assemblage of contemporary work on two crucial and ever-evolving broad streams which are cyber laws and intellectual property rights. Topics covering the role of artificial intelligence in intellectual property rights past, present and future scenarios. The issues and effects of artificial intelligence on IPR and the measures which can be taken. More so, the Technological–legal aspects of Cyber Law whereby creating awareness to prevent cyber-attacks through Cyber Security and IPR; inclusive of Cyber Space from an Indian perspective with special reference to software piracy are such issues that are being faced by each individual today. Not mere discussions but taking a problem-solving attitude work on resorting solutions to problems of managing Cybersecurity risks in the Corporate Environment is a Contextual concept where a detailed study of Cyber threats on a larger scale is emphasised. A neo-ci


  Vivasvan Prakash,  Advocate, Allahabad High Court "I believe the rights of women and girls is the unfinished business of the 21st century." –Hillary Clinton The title is not new so does the issue over here as in the 21st century when the world is touching new heights single day and becoming new, simultaneously, there lies a struggle for the betterment of the status of women which is very vast. It includes multiple aspects and one of such aspects is the crime against women. By virtue of Art. 15(3) of the Constitution of India (hereinafter to be referred to as COI), the Hon’ble Parliament of India is trying their level best to bring improvements and growth in every perspective possible; as India is a signatory to Conventions on Elimination of Discriminations Against Women (CEDAW). Further, there are various aspects which are prevailing in contemporary times that require the attention of the world. Such aspects are as follows: ·       Necrophilia and rape laws ·     

The Complex Interplay: U.S.-Taiwan Relations and Ripple Effects on U.S.-China Relations

Swati Madan, PhD, Jawaharlal Nehru University  The implications of U.S.-Taiwan relations on U.S.-China relations are significant and can impact the overall dynamics between these major powers. The United States' relationship with Taiwan is a sensitive issue for China due to its "One China" policy, which views Taiwan as an integral part of its territory. Here are some key implications:  Sino-U.S. Tensions: U.S. support for Taiwan, including arms sales and diplomatic exchanges, can strain U.S.-China relations. China perceives such actions as interference in its internal affairs and a challenge to its sovereignty. This can contribute to increased tensions and potential conflicts between the two countries.   Taiwan Strait Stability: The level of U.S. commitment to Taiwan's security has implications for the stability of the Taiwan Strait. A strong U.S. security commitment to Taiwan can act as a deterrent against potential Chinese aggression and contribute to maintaining pe

India Investment Attraction Strategy

  Mr. Rishabh Raj Advocate Supreme Court of India Investments are the building blocks on which an economy is built as it links the present with the future. Investments are a significant factor in a nation’s economic development which is an essential source of employment generation which leads to an increase in the national income. Investments have a major stake in the growth & development of industries and service sectors; all these factors collectively contribute to the prosperity of a country. Strategy without tactics is the noise before the defeat. Just as strategy without tactics is the shortest way to suicide in a defeated platform. The tactics to attract investments should be based on a clear set of objectives that can be achieved by implementing them.  A few strategies that India can focus on in order to attract investment are discussed: Play a key role in regional infrastructure development:  India should focus on regional infrastructure as it will create a positive relat