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Nomination: 5th National Symposium & Awards 2022

  About Droit Penale Group ‘Droit Penale Group’ is an initiative taken in the legal field to provide the discussions on minute nuances involved in the intricacies of law in a simple and qualified manner. Droit Penale literally translates into ‘criminal law’ in French. However, our initiative is not only limited to criminal law but also on varieties of law. The Droit Penale: Indian Law Journal on Crime & Criminology was established in the year 2016, where in the year 2019 the Droit Penale: ILJCC was considered as the Group where we have started other ventures under the name of Droit Penale Group. The Droit Penale Group is established for the purpose of promoting interests in law by organising workshops, seminars, debates and discussions; to publish illustrations, journals, magazine, periodicals, and other publication in different languages. Not only this, but also the Droit Penale Group focuses to impart free educational and training to poor and needy students. The Group is actively