Equality in all spheres for women- Women Empowerment

The author is Palak Tripathi, 2nd-year student of B.A.LL.B(Hons.) at C.M.P. Degree College, University of Allahabad, Prayagaraj.

What a beautiful creation a woman is! Women are the base of our society. They are treated like a goddess. They are worshipped. Earlier they were not given many rights but now they are provided all those. They are an idol of beauty. They are the creator of our generation. No education, no rights were provided to women earlier. They were suppressed. To make them come up from that situation a concept of ' EMPOWERMENT' came into effect. The term 'Empowerment ' casually means that a power given to someone to do something. But in detail it can be defined as the process of becoming stronger and more confident. This is so in the case of 'Women Empowerment' too. Making women more confident and stronger is 'Women Empowerment'. 

What is Women Empowerment?

Earlier women were the oppressed class of the society. They were not given an ample amount of education. For making them confident, for making them a glow of the society, the concept of empowerment came. It actually means giving a confident status to women either by literacy or in any other way such as awareness etc. It is a factor of a gender.
It is purely a confident term which is for making a woman audacious. It is a term which answers a question of ' I can ' and ' I cannot '. Can I do this, or cannot I? This is what this term tells. It is really a very deep concept. It is as deep as a well. Women were always so strong. So audacious qualities they have. These lines very clearly express it.

She has a strong, yet generous heart
And the inner beauty she emanates really sets her apart

She is strong, she is so beautiful, the thing was only that they were suppressed. Therefore, this term came into existence.
Earlier, whatever the condition was but still also women are suffering from various crimes. Sometimes rape, sometimes domestic violence etc. We are getting an education, we are so audacious to stand on our own feet but still the feeling of oppression comes. Is it valid? 
No, it is not valid. Therefore, a question arises in our mind too. Whether women are really empowered?

Are women really empowered?

Earlier, they were deprived of many rights. Now also there are many crimes committed against women such as rape, domestic violence, dowry, voyeurism, etc. But our country has improved their literacy rate a lot than before. An ample amount of education is given. The literacy rate is also somehow good. They are independent. They are moving independently. They are so superior to others. Thought our society is male dominant but still women are not deprived of any rights. Therefore, we can clearly say that Yes, women are getting empowered. The sex ratio is not good at a level which is needed to be but still, it is improved a lot. Therefore, we can say that our country is following this concept. It has arisen like a beautiful sun now. It just has arisen from the ashes,

           She has risen from all ashes and soared to a new plane of existence
                    Unfettered by the things that once that posed such resistance

Various cases

There are various causes related to women empowerment. There are still many crimes happening against women in our Indian Society. There are a number of cases to each and every topic related to women empowerment. If we talk about the term 'Rape' which is an evil of our society, it also has a number of cases. We can very lucidly take an example of the Nirbhaya gang-rape case[1], five men raped that girl so brutally and murdered her too. How evil those men were! they were chastised too. They got the death sentence and they were hanged till death on March 20, 2020. The soul is resting in peace now. How pathetic her condition was! This incident shivered everyone’s soul. Ah! That soul is in peace now.
If we talk about Vishakha' s case[2], the right to claim against sexual harassment was given. As such there are many cases. But in the above-mentioned cases it is clearly shown that yes, the concept of empowerment is very true. That incident of Nirbhaya arose each and every citizen of India. And another case gave the right to claim against sexual harassment. These are the ways to empower women.

Legal aspects

In the earlier times it is a very well accepted fact that women were treated equally to men but this was so in the Vedic times. When the medieval era came their condition became worse and it was worsened. Again, in the new era, their condition became quite acceptable. They are given rights. They have become independent. They are on their own feet. They don’t beg to anyone for their rights but yes when their rights get violated, they move to court. There are various laws made in favor of women.  Earlier there were no rape laws but these laws exist now. A suitable chastisement for each and every crime is mentioned in the Indian Penal Code. Article 15 is in favor of women. It provides some special provisions to women. Their rights are protected by laws. The law for kidnapping and abduction is also made. The protection of women from domestic violence act also came in 2005. The Sexual harassment of Women at the workplace came into effect in 2013. There are family courts in our country. There are various provisions in favor of women in both Hindu and Muslim law. They are always supported by our country.
Earlier, there were no maternity benefits given to women but now that are provided with maternity benefits too. Law is superior to everyone and the superior has made laws for an important part of our country to prevent their superiority. Their independence is in the hands of the Judiciary and our law is protecting it.


Women are no doubt a very beautiful creation of God. It is our duty to protect the beauty. As it is the responsibility of every gardener to protect the beauty of flowers, in a very similar manner, it is the duty of our country’s law to protect this concept by protecting the beauty of women. They are an idol of beauty. An idol of kindness. The words are not enough to define this beauty. They were the oppressed class but now they are the empowered ones. Women are the base of our nation. A woman is a mother, daughter, sister, wife. She plays various roles and bears various liabilities on their shoulder. 
Sometimes the words come out from the depth of the heart is

      Oh! Women you are so great, blessed you are by God so that your beauty never fade
Yes, God protects the beauty of women. The crimes which are happening against women in our country should be stopped.

An ample amount of awareness must be created so that everyone should understand the result of the crime. Women are the base of our society and the base must be strong.
Our country stands on that base. The future of our country is women. Therefore, it is needed so greatly to educate them, to prevent them, and most importantly to empower them.


[1]  Mukesh and Anr vs State for NCT of Delhi and Ors on 5 May, 2017
[2] Vishakha and Ors vs State of Rajasthan and Ors on 13 August, 1997