Crime and Religion

The Author is Shivam who is pursuing his studies from Integral University, Lucknow.

Before we talk about crime and religion, we should first talk about from where this word and the significance the word CRIME. If a person is unable to fulfill his own desire and saw others fulfilling that and specially ones those who are the competitor of him so he commits such an offence which is nothing but a CRIME. From the past centuries, we have proofs which denote that there are certain crime which is unjusticable because of the religion. Religion is something which was always there whenever we recall the presence of the man. In India we can say that religion plays very important when it comes to crime because India being a country where people believe more in religion rather than science. But as the time changes people started believing in science but then also condition did not improved.

There are many countries in which justice system sometimes do not actively participate in the crimes which are against religion. This is only because, there is a of lot political pressure on the judiciary. So, it’s become difficult for the judges as well to take decision against the religion. As far as the Indian penal is concern section 295 to 298 is completely on the concept of the offences relating to Religion. But than also due to the political pressure judiciary is unable to take more effective decision that it should take.

India being the country where religion and believes differs in every meters so this concept is very much visible in such countries. But the irony is that being secular as nation it has certain cases which have proven that religion is completely negligible when it comes to crime. Crime and religion have always negative relations between them. For example if a crime committed and if there is a certain relation to the religion than there may be a different kind of decision can be taken. One of recent case can be the Ram Mandir case of Ayodhya, in which due to the religious scenario the decision which is taken is not completely in the favor of either parties, which completely justify that there is relation between the crime and religion either negative or positive. If we talk about law  that how it is made than it is very much clear that the laws is always made accordance to the convenience and for the welfare of the society. It does not concern about the religion. But sometime these kind of laws can backfire and end up becoming a law which can create anti-brotherhood in the society, which bring us to the conclusion that law which are made by the legislation is not religious biased but the people are completely responsible, because they are the one who interpret the laws according to their convenience. 

 Therefore, crime and religion has always been in the relation to each other either negative or positive but there has been a relation between them. Crime and religion has two faces in itself and both of them is completely depend on how one interpret the law and, i.e.,

One, when crime is committed and then religion comes into picture, secondly
When crime is controlled by attaching the spiritual context to it.

Religion after the commission of an Act
 This is something comes into picture when an offence is committed as in if a person murdered someone and then during the trail that person completely tries to influence rather threaten the judiciary before he announces the final judgment. This is one of the negative side of the crime when it collabs with religion and these kind of situation is very much visible in the country like INDIA because India is a country where people believe in religion more than the science and judiciary.

Crime in spiritual context
 This is a concept in which religion plays very positive role when it comes to crime. If and act which is punishable under Indian penal code and if that offence is than attached to the spiritual context than the commission of that offence will definitely decrease, region is very simple because Indian believe more in religion than science

Both of the concept end in the phase where it comes to the interpretation and upon the people's believing. There are certain crime which has always been criticized and there are few has always been unjusticable accordance to the spiritual context as well. But then also people never hesitate committing that therefore which  bring to the conclusion that there is no problem with the crime when it got attached to the religion the problem is in the mind of the people who are committing it and are promoting it either religiously or otherwise.

In the end I just want to say that being the youth of this nation it’s our responsibility to take our step out from our comfort zone and do something which can make a difference and this place a better living place.