The Author of this work is Vishakha Pandey, Lawyer. She is also working as Sub-editor with Droit Penale.

Does age, sex, color, clothes, caste, being animal, being human even matter? No it doesn’t. Either the human or an animal every species is used as a sex prop to fulfill the lustful desire of today’s beast. These people are accustomed to LUST, and they just need any medium to content their heat- seeking moisture missile. There is plethora of brutal rape cases which we don’t come even across often because those are suppressed by the stigma imposed by society when they heard of girl being raped and henceforth no license to marriage and some who accumulating their courage for lodging the complaint our administrative department don’t give much heed towards this, they are reluctant about it so that their reputation and records of their police station come in good books of higher authority .Chasing for justice is the real suffering of the rape victim.

Do Not wear short clothes. Do Not roam around in the late night. Do Not talk to boys. Do Not laugh in public as there could be possibility that this might give an evince to some hanky- panky. NO. IT IS NOT. Clothes what any girl carries, what make up she puts on, how she walks, with whom she talks, how she laughs, how she glance at something, her physical gestures towards anything or any opposite sex person is not the cause of RAPE. We as a society has been engulfed with these baseless narrow mindset because of which we are not able to think much out of the box, as from the very beginning it has been categorized what should be done by a woman and what should not be done . if she does something as per her will regardless of what think or might say, she is personated as not so cultured and value based woman, in short , Slut or Whore. I have been meaning to enunciate here is that, clothes, laughs, gestures and so on, are not reasons for a girl being raped. And if it is then what will you say about a rape of six months infant, woman under Burkha, and the woman in her old age?

 This nasty offence not only limited to woman of any age but animals have also been fell prey to sexually frustrated humans. The most gutwrenching fact that not only women but animals are also not secured. Though these unnatural offenses are penalized by the legislative acts but it seems that it doesn’t have any deterrent effect on the malafide people. They do it unapologetically without a tinge of regret! Sexuality is misunderstood and that leads to gruesome crimes. Sex isn’t Rape and rape is crime, this primary thing needs to be understood to get the psyche of the criminals. When we ask woman the kinds of questions for being raped..Do we have any explanation for these cases? Oh yes, animals don’t wear anything and that’s the reason they got raped right?

Today the immense sorrow which jabbed me to jot down my perception on the same is that after these heard and unheard cases mother of every daughter is worried about her, she is under duress with an expression What if her daughter is next. Yes , this is true, no mother wants to even dare to think like that about her and anyone’s daughter but these heart wrecking cases compelled her motherhood to think in that direction. My question is what is the use of such rigorous prescribed punishments relating to rape when it is not able to provide required justice to the needy one? Infants are not secured, teenage are not secured, young girls are not secure that too elderly aged women are not secured. Administrative department are supposed to patronize every citizen irrespective of the sex of the person but I don’t see this happening.

No one feel safe today! Now comes the social media and candle march actors, they play a major role for patronizing the victims after the crime is committed. When the crime is actually committed in their surrounding where any help is approachable not a single person come forward to defend the victimization being done, they just rush from there by neglecting it and discuss it later. When people don’t help the person met with an accident, having fear what if police arrest them then how can one expect to actually defend the body of others especially rape! Making videos of the incident and uploading on social media or writing your discontent towards the incident or candle march as a sign of protest to ask for justice to the victim doesn’t make any person a hero. You become hero when you are able to prevent at least one offense you witness doesn’t matter that it is of trivial or serious in nature, your involvement is all any person need when he or she is hustling into something.

Legislation has done their work by formulating acts and establishing administration system for the society, but this is also the fact that everything goes hand in hand everyone should act as reasonable citizen of society to stand up against the injustice cause to anyone fiercely and later law will take accountability for your act done in good faith with proper care and caution. Laws are made for you, use it vigilantly. Fight for your rights but before that don’t forget to perform your duty towards any person and society. Actions are the solution not the baffle. Your responsibilities are limitless only if you are willing to perform towards it.