Social Justice

Abhijeet Singh
Author of this blog is a student of law, Iswar Saran PG College, University of Allahabad.

Social justice is a broader concept than reservation. Reservation  is only a means to achieve Social justice but in present society we may clearly observed that reservation is not doing Social justice,  the reservation must be given on the basis of economical condition of people to provide a better Social justice.
There are many other means to achieve Social justice like establishing a a meaningful education system promoting skills over knowledge. By enforcing uniform civil code and to empower all the directive principles of State policy laid down by forefathers of our constitution.
The Indian society is organised on the base of religion. The social norms and values of Indian society are taken from the religious texts , and by the guidelines given by hindu priest, there exists a numbers of changes in the social order the most mysterious one is the formation of caste system there is no satisfactory theory found on origin of caste however sociologists had developed theories like political theory which says caste system is a well planned creation of Brahmans to remain superior ; while traditional theory says that the origin of caste is from four Verna. But, nothing concrete is found everything is suspicious there were few questions which are yet need to be answered like –
1.       When Caste is formed ?
2.       Why Indian society opted caste system  over Verna system ?
According to me I simply believe that caste system is formed to organize the society in ancient India and the principles of divine theory are used to legitimate it because in the lack of a powerful reason no one will obligate to accept the caste system so from the generation to generation the myths are transferred but in present society the people’s are rational and the constitution of India itself forced them to develop scientific temperament which results in the breakdown of caste system and the degradation of caste system is now begin.
Caste system  is not only challenging the social justice in present society but in ancient times also caste system was a obstacle in social justice. Justice is not achieved through the man made laws but it is a separate from Law.
And in ancient times people think they established social justice by favoring upper castes and depressing lower castes but this whole concept of justice is wrong. They never get the social justice.
In present society the reverse is happening reservation is now given to lower depressed castes as compare to ancient times reservation was given to upper castes.
I want to conclude that it is the time to change the social structure of society and to fulfill the utopians dream.
Genuine Social justice will be done when we live in the world of utopians.
We must always remember that India is an old society but a new nation and it will take time for Social justice to be happen in its correct manner. We may only hope that in future there will be no need for reservation to achieve Social justice.


  1. Reservation system was for socially backward classes but now,in 21st century,it is being overused or u can say misused.

  2. Well said Abhihit.. Social Justice needs more of entrepreneurs leaders to bring about positive change in society.. Gradually caste lines will diminish

  3. #well wrote bhai #all the best keep it up bro


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