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"DROIT PENALE: The Indian Law Journal on Crime and Criminology (ILJCC)", aims to resolve this dubiousness by providing a wide range of well researched articles, case notes, commentaries etc. covering the major aspects and issues under the ambit of crime and criminology. 
The term 'Droit Penale', literally means criminal law. It has a French origin and deals with the various facets of crime and criminology. As a huge field of academic study, Criminology tends to cover criminal law and jurisprudence apart from dealing with crimes and criminal and socially deviant behaviour of criminals existing in the society. It also deals with the decriminalisation processes. While Criminal law mainly focuses on the punishments coupled or labelled with such a criminal behaviour.

We Droit Penale: ILJCC have taken an initiative of starting our blog "Droit Penale NewsLetter" this shall be maintained by few members of our organisation.
This blog shall have the latest updates regarding legal facets of the societies at large. We invite bloggers to connect with us and share  views or submit  articles which can be posted and shared through this blog.

You can submit your articles on : help.iljcc@gmail.com 



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